Case Study 3 - NHS Acute Trusts

Client profile

The clients were two NHS Acute Trusts seeking to trial the Absencia service as part of an HSE funded research project. The contract was secured following a Tender process and the service was delivered over an initial 6 months trial period ending in November 2006. The project as led by Occupational Health departments at the Trusts with the full co-operation of the HR departments. This provided a comprehensive test of the Absencia processes within a highly complex 24/7 environment with time sensitive roistering issues.


The detail of the reported results have now been published on the HSE website

In a submission to the Society of Occupational Health Physicians and by way of references supplied on behalf of Employ-Mend the following comments have been made by the Occupational Health physicians guiding the project:

The system provides real time insights into the causes and work relatedness of absences unavailable from any other source.

This created unique opportunities for better management of absence by stimulating timely intervention by line management, occupational health, counselling, physiotherapy and the like.

We also feel that the system was given a stiff test within two NHS acute trusts and will be markedly improved as a result.

Generally positive reception from line managers and employees

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