Developing Absencia

Using specially developed audit tools we carried out studies of the total cost of absence/disability for four large public sector employers involving a total population of 60,000 employees. Similar studies were also completed for private sector clients. Based on these findings the following key challenges were identified:

  • Systemic process
  • Consistency
  • Timing of interventions
  • Measurement/analysis

Absencia was developed specifically to address these challenges, and the service was launched in September 2003.

Key Features of the Absencia approach

  • Employees report absence direct to our professional contact centre
  • Immediate notification to the Line Manager via email or telephone
  • Reports work related absence to Health and safety on day 1
  • Interfaces directly with existing OH services
  • Tracks each open absence and delivers prompts of all required interventions
  • Monitors triggers and signals policy breaches
  • Signposts employees to relevant support services and benefits


  • Lowers absence rate and related cost
  • Reduces litigation risks
  • Helps maximise use of budget spent on employee support/benefits
  • Consistent and clear process for all parties
  • Positively received by Line Managers and employees
  • Significant lost time savings and positive ROI
  • More effective targetting of preventative activity
  • Effective delivery of absence policy
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