Employmend is part of a family of companies whose controlling management team has since the early 1980's built a reputation for innovative business development activity within the healthcare sector.

We have worked extensively with both public and private sector employers in helping them to better manage absence. Through this work and the knowledge we have gained we developed a specialist business solution for managing absence - Absencia.

Our Absencia management system has consistently reduced absence rates by 30%+. It is an outsourced fully configurable service which can accommodate your policies and procedures. It integrates all strands of employee health management, delivering results straight to the bottom line.

Achievable and Sustainable Benefits

  • 25-60% reductions in absence rates
  • Reduction sustained on a long term basis
  • Return on investment of 7x to 20x
  • Switch to an "attendance" culture
Missing Staff Member

How much are missing people costing your business?

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